Thursday, February 26, 2009

Call me a liar

I know I've been promising a keg of the Belgium Farhouse Ale "Saison Dupont" since the end of January and the moment has finally arrived... for you to call me a liar.

That's right! I have been unsuccessful at getting even one single keg from my distributor. So you can call me a liar.

But wait! If you come into Kebaba during the next week to ten days and call your server a liar, they'll give you $1 off your first beer of the current rotating tap. Which is a fine beer indeed and probably not yet been sampled by any of you.

Cascade Brewing has produced a very fine Tripel that has impressed me and so many others that have tried it recently/ Thanks again to Patty O for bringing this our way. Sorry I can't load the imagery they sent to me (it's cool) and this beer does not appear on their website (it's that cool too). But here's the stats.

"Rich malty ale brewed with an Abbey yeast. Oak aging on Perled hops brings a candied aroma." 8.5% alc/ 16.2 IBU

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance to get rewarded for calling someone a liar. Because when this keg is gone, your only reward for calling us a liar will be a swift punch in the arm.

Hope to see you soon.

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