Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tomato Rhapsody

I have recently finished the book Tomato Rhapsody by local author and frequent Kebaba diner, Adam Schell. Adam uses a generous mix of italian language to paint the story of authenticity. Although the Romeo and Juliet romance between two of the main characters has been done before, Adam has found a refreshingly new approach on an old theme. Besides, as you might have guessed, food is the real passion of this story. Adam loves to eat and talk about eating as much as anyone I have ever met and he is always good to chat with. I highly recommend this book as a stand alone novel, but also for the unique likelihood of running into the author in our dining room sometime. Ever the character himself, Adam is always excited to talk to and meet new people.

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adam schell said...


I get a google alert anytime a mention of TR hits the inter-waves--What can I say, thank you for the wonderful blurb (very well written too.). You are every bit the Mensch (a splendid Yiddish compliment), that you are the fine chef! A million thanks, and yes, as your blog suggests, you will be seeing me at Kebaba--Soon!